Scallops With Limoncello Gelato

I know some aren’t very into raw foods but this is something I learned about raw seafood. It goes so well with a fruity gelato. I decided to use limoncello gelato with raw scallops.

Serves 5


. 5 scallops

. 5 tablespoons limoncello gelato (you can make it from scratch if you have the machine or get it at Whole Foods or your local grocery store)

. 5 large edible flowers

. Pepper, to taste


1. Slice each scallop thinly into 4 slices and plate in a fanned our style.

2. Take two tablespoons and soften the gelato until smooth and plate next to the scallops.

3. Grind fresh pepper onto the scallops and place the edible flower onto the plate and serve immediately.

Special People//Special Occasions

When I was 6 years old, my parents enrolled me into an all Armenian music conservatory. I learned everything about music and studied classical piano, choir, and dance. One of my best friends, Alik (my sister from another mother really…) was the Founder’s daughter. Her family has been my second family since I was a little girl. They have invested in me in every way possible and have taught me so much. The Barsoumian’s are a family of fine gems, each one beautiful in their own way.

Baron Vatsche (Alik’s dad, Baron means Mr. out of respect and because he’s always been my teacher), had his birthday this week. Alik, her brother Shahe, and I thought, “How great would it be if we had a nice dinner with the family and close friends for his birthday?” So I got to work and came up with a menu. I decided to make stuffed figs (they’re in season, and my favorite thing to make), filet mignon rested on top of a sweet potato and brussel sprouts puree, and my chicken and pesto lasagna. Come to find out later those are actually Baron Vatsche’s favorite dishes!



We all had an amazing evening. Every time I am with them we have amazing conversations about art, politics, spirituality, and many deep life concepts.

Happy Birthday Baron Vatsche, I hope for many more beautiful times in life. Cheers