Scallops With Limoncello Gelato

I know some aren’t very into raw foods but this is something I learned about raw seafood. It goes so well with a fruity gelato. I decided to use limoncello gelato with raw scallops.

Serves 5


. 5 scallops

. 5 tablespoons limoncello gelato (you can make it from scratch if you have the machine or get it at Whole Foods or your local grocery store)

. 5 large edible flowers

. Pepper, to taste


1. Slice each scallop thinly into 4 slices and plate in a fanned our style.

2. Take two tablespoons and soften the gelato until smooth and plate next to the scallops.

3. Grind fresh pepper onto the scallops and place the edible flower onto the plate and serve immediately.

Carrara Pastries

So, I’m starting a new blog series every Friday for those of you that like to go out and try new restaurants. I am so excited to share my favorite places and would love to hear your thoughts about these places too!


476 West Los Angeles Ave.
Moorpark, CA 93021

So, for my first favorite place post I am writing all about Carrara Pastries… of course! I started going there as a regular customer, and finally I have had the honor of working there. It has been an amazing journey so far.

Carrara Pastries is owned by Chef Damiano and Chef Massimiliano Carrara. They are from a small town in Tuscany called Lucca. They have perfected the ability to make every guest feel as though they are a million bucks just by simply providing amazing food and attention. They have a delicious selection of traditional Italian pastries each one more beautiful than the other. You walk in and feel like you’re walking into Italy. As I make the gelato, the smell of the fresh baked bread fills the shop every morning. The pastries come out after being prepared that day. May I add, everyone is trained on how to make the most deliciously addicting cup of various coffee drinks. It is all so good.

My favorite pastry that I think everyone should try with a cappuccino or latte is the Sfogliatelle. It’s a flaky pastry filled with amazing ricotta cream and a hint of orange. That cream is like something I had never before tasted and it changed my world….seriously though.

My favorite panini is the Prosciutto Cotto. You get the perfect combination of salty from the prosciutto and creamy from the fresh mozzarella. Enough said. Trust me. Just try it.

If you want to have a little teaser to your meal, get the bruschetta trio. This trio has the classic tomato which is a pop of freshness, the mushroom and truffle cheese has a depth of flavor, and lastly the bell pepper brings all three bruschetta’s together.

The delicious salmon salad is a must if you’re craving a salad. The mango with salmon is a lovely and light combination, perfect for a salad.


So if you haven’t gone already, this place is a must try in the Moorpark area. And another plus is that there’s wine tasting every Friday night! Try it out and leave a comment with what you thought!