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Welcome to Talin’s Table, where my specialty is delicious cuisine created with boldness and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of the mediterranean. I have great joy to present the traditional flavors of the mediterranean in new and creative ways. Experience these flavors with Talin’s Table.

Thank You’s

  • To take a seat at Talin’s Table is to be transported to a place of hospitality and love, with great food! Talin’s use of her traditional Armenian food fused with influences from a variety of cuisines creates a truly unique and flavorful experience. There is detail in everything that makes up the delightful dinner- from her handmade invitations, to her thoughtful choice of attendees, to the tastefully decorated table settings, and right down to the exquisitely crafted food.  Talin’s Table is an experience that embodies compassion and a love of all food.

    Megan Kan

  • Talin’s table went mobile and showed up at my fundraiser!  From peaches wrapped in prosciutto topped with a balsamic glaze, freshly baked olive bread, to homemade noodles for the lasagna…our table was full of the most delicious appetizers. And the funds I raised were way above my expectations. Please come back to Northern California soon!

    Rebecca Hamson